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The Naked and the Nude book presentation

curated by


Edizioni Grafiche dell'Artiere

4th October 2013, h. 6.30 pm

Fabrizio_Ferri.jpeg Torkil_Gudnason.jpg

The international anthology of photographs curated by Peter Weiermair is a new publishing initiative that looks to the artistic direction and graphic design of Gianni Giulianelli and Maddalena Gracis for the Bolognese graphic company, Grafiche dell' Artiere.
This is the first non-commercial volume published in 2013 in limited edition with 500 copies. The book will be dedicated to the different genres related to the medium of photography. Since its invention, it stands as a vehicle for artistic expression of the nude and portraiture, of still life and landscape. These themes, at one time, were exclusive only to painting and sculpture. The special feature of the book is not only its exquisite design and excellent printing quality, but also the 72 selected photographers.
This first volume was presented last January in the ideal architectural framework of the Anatomical Theatre, inside the Archiginnasio of Bologna. The title The Naked and the Nude is borrowed from the famous book by Sir Kenneth Clark, the first to deal with the theme of the nude in the history of painting. In English the distinction between "naked" and "nude" is clear. "Naked" means without clothes, while "nude" means the naked body as an art form. This international anthology includes names ranging from Araki to Witkin, and offers American and European points of view, as well as those from countries as far as China, India and Japan, examining all possible aesthetic strategies of contemporary photography from documenting to staging. The selection shows different points of view on men and women, focusing on the idea and role of the classical nude in the actual reality. Next to established artists are emerging artists published for the first time. The photographs were selected from the personal archives of the featured artists and reflect their visions of the beauty and fragility of the body, and also contemporary notions of eroticism and sexuality. In photography there is always someone who loves to watch and be watched. The editor has carefully placed the pictures in dialogue with each other or in the context of quotes from artists, poets, philosophers and critics.

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