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The Armory Show 2013 - New York

Pier 94 booth 508

7-10 March 2013





Galleria Il Ponte directed by Andrea Alibrandi, in collaboration with Fabio Fornaciai, owner of Galleria Tornabuoni in Florence, are taking part in the one hundredth anniversary Armory Show in New York.
They will be presenting some of the most significant Italian artists, a number of whom have already entered the annals of history, fully gaining their place in the international artistic panorama. Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani and Paolo Scheggi (who died prematurely in 1971) are linked, albeit each one in a personal way, by a ‘sculptural’ intervention on canvas modulating the monochrome surfaces through extroversions and penetrations. By Jannis Kounellis, one of the top exponents of arte povera, is a work that, like in all his oeuvre, contrasts the icy cold material of steel with the warmth of a living element, in this case a mandola, blocked by the rolls of lead inserted in its soundbox. Other sculptors who have very much entered the history books are Mauro Staccioli, whose sculptures, with their linear and essential shapes, mark out some spots in the world, becoming their visual symbol; as well as Bruno Gambone and Giuseppe Spagnulo, both originating within the great Italian coroplastics tradition, which the former treats with great breadth and contemporary contextualisation, while the other transforms it into a strong and material working of steel. Renato Ranaldi is a sculptor who works on the idea of the equilibrium and alienation of the relations within the work. Mimmo Roselli intervenes in space and on canvas, marking and defining them with ropes or taut lines. Finding his way into this set of sculptors is Mauro Betti and his paintings with elaborate monochrome surfaces displaying graphic elements from popular imagination and Giuliano Tomaino who, like a shaman, sums up the feeling of the world  through primitive symbols. Slotting into this context are the works of two young artists in their thirties: Francesco Chiacchio, with his images linked to jazz music appearing in black silhouettes on the surface of reused and torn paper; and Zoè Gruni whose metamorphoses play on interpretation of an icon of the feminine, using and reproducing herself and her experiences to transform them into the frightening unconscious that appears in our dreams.


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