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Le Industrie Invisibili - SoFIET

opere stenopeiche

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19 April - 3 May 2008

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As part of the cycle of exhibitions entitled close up, Galleria il Ponte presented the work by SoFiET (Science of Fiction Entertainment Technologies), a project of Le Industrie Invisibili begun in Hollywood, California, in 2006, as a study of reality passing through a hole. SoFiET’s handmade pinhole cameras capture the light through a tiny hole, turning it upside down like in the camera obscura principle. This direct relationship between reality and the photo-sensitive material in the “black box” shows us quite how precarious an image is, often disturbed by the construction faults of a camera that almost seems it got here through some sort of miracle. What is more, the pinhole camera’s extremely long exposure times force us to completely rethink photography’s relationship with time and the traditional conviction that it can “immortalise” an instant in time.
Le Industrie Invisibili, which the SoFiET project is part of, is a fake “art production company” founded in 2001 by the artist Stefano Cossu. His research centres around gestures, objects and everyday situations which, through the filter of art, become an unbroken and ungraspable series of performances of the surrounding reality. Le Industrie Invisibili works in the field of photography, installation and sculpture and is located in Sardinia and Los Angeles.

On display in this exhibition are pinhole photographs from three different series: 
The Gold is Over, a “film” comprising scattered parts of images and situations taken from Hollywood road movie clichés. This series was made in abandoned mines, dried-up lakes and towns deserted after the Californian Gold Rush. The images look as if they have been captured “late”, after the characters have left the set, leaving behind leftovers of food, empty glasses and cigarette butts.
La Giustizia Non Dorme, set in Sardinia, tells of a chase by the Carabinieri after a fugitive. The photos illustrate the places where the wanted person slept the night before, leaving traces of his flight. The hunt closes down on him, earlier and earlier in the morning, until he is surprised in his sleep.
Fadeout Landscapes (Paesaggi in Dissolvenza) are large panoramic films of Sardinian landscapes. They exploit a technical defect of some pinhole cameras to the extreme, since they tend to make the image darker at the edges than in the middle: these photos show a correct image at the edges, which vanishes into a blinding white towards the centre.

Also on display was one of the pinhole cameras used to take the photos in the exhibition, one of the phases in a process of which the photographic image is but the last attestation.

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