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StARTpoint - Accademia in mostra/Accademia in scena

Giulia Del Piero

13 - 19 June 2012

Giulia_Del_Piero,_still_dal_video_Ripeto.jpg Giulia_Del_Piero_still_dal_video_Ripeto_2.jpg

The gallery is participating in StARTpoint 2012, Accademia in mostra/Accademia in scena, presenting the video by the young artist Giulia Del Piero, Ripeto 2011-2012 (duration approx. 9 min, made in collaboration with Giacomo Laser, Tommaso Tanini and G. Torri).
“Repeating ourselves. Recognising the many layers of reality and playing, being on a sparkling fairground ride that keeps on turning, uncovering new horizons that are turning too, while remaining in that one same reality. A dreamlike world, a single place, a documentary on an inner, reflexive planet, comprising sound cells that keep repeating themselves and transforming. For better or for worse, we are turning too. Stop? Like children coming off the ride.
The merry-go-round of planets, reflections, not a single storyline.  
A slow word melts and becomes deformed in the head, transforming into a big fat niggle that needs shutting up. Which bit of ourselves and  which mirror do we need to look at to tidy up our confusion?
What is this enormous reflecting sun? Digging in time to find badly kept pieces of ourselves.
A general nausea surrounds this planet, seemingly so “pop” and sparkling, so sweet as to make the baker jealous, so secret that it doesn't even have a name. A symbol in movement that on crumbling allows us to perceive the words that perhaps we can't manage to put together, or perhaps an ever-new music.  
The hyperbole of the world on another planet. The allegory of a day off, ill.
Everything turns, and we, we no longer notice the real desires hidden inside the memories.
The vortex of an urgent call for reality brings us back to the ancestral situation of the universe and back alongside the voice of habit, caressing the possible possibilities of the part of us where nothing rests.” Giulia Del Piero

Giulia Del Piero was born in Bressanone, Bolzano, in 1986. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, she studied photography and then museum curation in 2009, before enrolling on and completing in 2012 the two-year masters in “Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages” at the Florence Academy. She has worked with various photographers and as an assistant to some artists on various productions. At the same time she is an artist who works with sound, carrying on various musical projects and activities that often intersect with her video productions.

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