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Aleksandra Zurczak - Passaggio

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18 May - 16 June 2010

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The second StARTpoint/Accademia in mostra festival, held from 21 May to 16 June 2010, marks the occasion when the Florence Academy of Fine Arts opens its door to the outside world. Following the same formula adopted last year, the event is growing, in particular outside the actual academy premises, in direct contact with the public and the most important institutions in contemporary art. The numerous events, involving over two hundred young artists, will produce a compelling and exciting tour around galleries, palazzi and museums.

Galleria Il Ponte is exhibiting the work of Aleksandra Zurczak as part of this vast artistic event. This young artist deals with existential topics by making continual incursions into the territory of dreams and legend. Her original installations often comprise different elements made using traditional techniques and materials (drawing on paper, painting, sculpture) placed in relation to each other. The mysterious worlds recreated by Aleksandra Zurczak, both in the small drawings collected in her Artistic Books and the imposing anthropomorphic shapes that invade the space (Bastion, 2008), introduce the spectator to a dream-like dimension where the human being’s most covert fears and desires are investigated with total freedom of expression.

The installation hosted at Galleria Il Ponte depicts her new point of arrival. Passaggio highlights the individual’s solitude and unease in the face of contemporary society: man is seen in the fragility of his body, crushed by his own limbs, by convention, by his own anxieties.

Aleksandra Zurczak was born in Konin, Poland, in 1983. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznán (Poland), in 2006 she spent time at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (USA). In 2009 she won a scholarship granting access to the two-year postgraduate course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the city where she currently resides.
Solo exhibitions:
2009 Bastion, Lamelli Gallery, Krakow; Ropes, Lamelli Gallery, Krakow; No, Cytadela, Poznán
2008 Once there was a mountain..., MAMU Gallery, Budapest; Point of Gravity, Enter Gallery, Poznán; Limitations, Tolmezzo, Udine.
2007 Inside the Outside, Enter Gallery, Poznán; Academia, Aula Gallery, Poznán; Community?, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville.

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