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Roberto Pietrosanti

sculture e opere su carta

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28 October - 20 November 2004 

allestimento_2.jpg allestimento_5.jpg

The series of exhibitions entitled “Close up” was inaugurated with the sculptures and works on paper of Roberto Pietrosanti.
Roberto Pietrosanti takes a close, meticulous look into spatiality, through intense and picturesque works that play on the thread of subtle visual and perceptive destabilisation. On this occasion the artist put copper balls on display  for the public that almost seem to engage in a spatial duel with the gallery milieu, interfering in the spectator’s perception of the place by means of a complex mechanism of pressure and reaction, and visual nudges and balancing. The sculptural episodes end up establishing a relationship with the place, in a manner that nevertheless appears purified of all narrative or existential notations. First shown to the public on occasion of the Giganti exhibition of contemporary art curated by Ludovico Pratesi in the Roman forum excavations (Rome 2000) – where they acted as a juxtaposition to the archaeological remains –, the spherical sculptures were then displayed in 2001 at his solo exhibition at the Andipa Gallery in London, and after that in December-January 2003 in Rome, in the project designed for Volume!, the space dedicated to contemporary art.
Always meant to be seen as a field of investigation and attempt at discernment, Pietrosanti’s linguistic research tends to surpass the limits of the medium or a particular expressive technique, and he also deals with the problem of 3D in his works on paper. The works displayed in this instance are evidence of this, since they find themselves in that same territory of metaphysical-spatial implications generated by sculpture in the strict sense of the word.

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