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MIA Fair Milan 2012

Hall 2 Stand 65

3 - 6 May 2011



The gallery take part at MIA Fair 2012 by exhibiting two series of works by the young artist Zoè Gruni:
Malocchio I_Los Angeles, 2011, charcoal on photo print, 6 elements, 35’’x35’’
Malocchio II_Città del Vaticano, 2011, charcoal on photo print, 6 elements, 35’’x35’’

The evil eye is a noise that rises from below, a superstition, an exorcism of the weak. The evil eye is a crack in the ground, a magical-religious system of protection to deal with the unpredictability of life and human nature. A rural rite to protect the misfits, a compass to find one’s way in the present and the future, a communitarian map to appease the need for meaning, to foresee the catastrophe. Perhaps an irrational, disordered moral act, but certainly a question of belonging.

The evil eye is not just a superstition of naïve and undereducated people, a belief that can be restricted within peasant society, set to disappear: it continues to live in “modern times”. The evil eye is both the gaze and the malaise that follows on from it. It is something that can be received or put on someone else: cause and symptom are called with the same word. It can be seen as a universal phenomenon, since the Evil Eye is known to exist from one end of the world to the other. Today the evil eye has not disappeared, it moves, travels, goes to the cities, and in its disorientated emigration always comes across new realities, it transforms, blends in and becomes hybrid. Many different forms of evil eye live in these modern times, and when we realise its multiple nature, all attempts to classify this mobile, intangible entity are set to fail.

This project consists in two series and developed itself between Italy and the United States where the artist lived and worked between 2010 and 2012. The realization of these images consists in different phases, from the research of the set to the performance and develops itself through the documentation of the action using self-timer photographs and the “masking action painting” with the charcoal on the photo print.

Zoè Gruni (Los Angeles 2011)


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