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MIA Fair Milan 2011

Hall 1 Stand 18

13-15 May 2011

For the MIA Fair, the Galleria Il Ponte - in conjunction with Mara Coccia arte contemporanea Roma - presents a nucleus of photographs by Claudio Abate, taken from the exhibition organised by the two galleries in 2010: Scatti ritrovati. Claudio Abate per Gino de Dominicis. The personality, creative flair, the subjectivity and artistic work of Gino De Dominicis are reinterpreted through the lens of Claudio Abate. Thus, through fourteen photographs, many of which are previously unseen, an intense series of images takes shape, skilfully preserved by Abate to recall and pay tribute to De Dominicis - the man, the artist and friend who – at a certain point in his life – wanted to destroy all of the photographs portraying him and his works: a way to reiterate his artistic philosophy that places the unique and irreproducible work of art at the centre, in a sort of artistic “carpe diem”.
Today, Abate constructs a journey into the expressive conception of the disputed yet deeply loved Master dissenter and iconoclast; thus, many lost works are re-read, without forgetting the environment in which he lived and worked.
In fact, Claudio Abate’s photographs feature many protagonists from the cultural scene and the history of contemporary art of the second half of the twentieth century until today – an intrinsic part of Abate which led him to create one of the greatest photographic archives of painters, sculptors, authors of performances, events and theatre.
Photographs that recount and convey transitions and historic moments to the present day through the careful and sensitive eye of he who, from behind the lens, was fully aware of tastefully and imaginatively capturing visions and creations that would mark a present and future era.

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