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Mario Schifano

6 opere degli anni '60

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10 November - 7 December 2007

Bolstering the “close up” series of events was this small exhibition dedicated to Mario Schifano.
The exhibition presented six to-date-unseen works dating from between 1963 and 1965 by this talented, instinctive observer, who did not fit any stereotypes or conventions. They are three enamels on wrapping paper glued onto canvas, Petit en plein air gris (100x100 cm), Con anima (100x100 cm) and Dagli archivi del Futurismo (180x90 cm), and three papers, one of which is a Study for “Large Painting for the spring in New York City”, one is linked to his “En plein air” series and the other is one of his first anaemic landscapes.
The freshness of the painting in these works, over forty years later, reveals not only how Schifano was a spokesman for his contemporary artists, but how his artistic inventiveness still keeps his work alive in an ongoing present.

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