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Mario Schifano

30 dipinti 1962 - 1986

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12 May - 28 July 2006

Galleria Il Ponte devotes an important exhibition to Mario Schifano, presenting thirty of his paintings dating from 1962 to 1986. These form a nucleus of work which reveals the fundamental character of this artist: his identity first and foremost as a painter, which pushes him incessantly to make his painting collide with the language of mass media. As Bonito Oliva writes (in Schifano – Works 1957-1997, Milan, 1988):  “…for Schifano, being modern means adapting a certain medium (painting), with all its golden history, to the quantitive character of the present age…” His experiments in photography and cinematography - as well as the myriad images he borrows from television, magazines and advertising - are expressions of his fascination with all forms of communication. His mission is to make painting a contemporary medium in an age where the only reality is a televised one.  Instants, meetings, situations and silhouettes abound in the pictorial space he creates, where quick brush-strokes, full of wisdom, define and rub out images, provoking yet more suggestions in a see-sawing game of memories and returns. Many elements find a place in his painting, but none is predominant, there are no hierarchies; they merely provide a starting point for his imagination, which reinvents and reworks them.

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