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Marco Di Giovanni


performance - installation

curated by


25 November - 16 December 2006

Marco_Di_Giovanni_002.jpg Marco_Di_Giovanni_003.jpg

Galleria Il Ponte continues its Close Up show series with Marco Di Giovanni,’s performance-installation. Running at the same time as the Giuseppe Spagnulo exhibition, this show takes a close look at a specific aspect of this young sculptor’s work.
The need for this exhibition was born of a trip taken by Marco Di Giovanni to the Ukraine, and requires the spectator to project his gaze beyond the walls of the gallery: the artist can be seen on a white circular base, and has thrown off the sandals used on the long walk there. He has his face turned towards the inside of a large tube, which crosses the space in the direction of the Ukraine, renowned for its blue skies and yellow fields of wheat…
The pieces of metal – he often uses rusty old pieces of tubes, of tanks etc – sink into the ground and break through the walls, defying the laws of space. They invite the spectator to “live” inside them, involving him in a wholly different experience of the perception of things. For this he uses a series of rudimentary cathode tubes, lighting tricks, lens-based mechanisms, magnifying glasses and mirrors. These help him highlight perspectives and points of view, making us witnesses of a tricky, ironic vision of the world. Rather than being placed in a space, installations and performances rise up, emerge and overflow from the space and radically transform it. The event is often staged in the first person, and involves the spectators (who in their turn become actors)… “I’d like to create tension between the space, the piece and the person looking at the piece. It’s not a coincidence that my pieces are often accessible: they change as the point of view of the spectator changes, even though they are static. So people are actually a part of the pieces, and are perhaps one of the “materials” used.

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