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Joe Tilson

attraverso e oltre la pop

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24 April - 30 June 2004

Mostra_Tilson_001.jpg Mostra_Tilson_007.jpg

With twenty large format pieces, Galleria Il Ponte dedicated a retrospective to one of the principal exponents of British Pop Art, one of the protagonists of the generation of artists nurtured in the climate of the Royal College of Art in London.
The retrospective covered work spanning from the Sixties through to the Nineties. Most were works in oils, collages, and mixed techniques on wood, and sometimes complex linear constructions (ziggurats, ovoid shapes, labyrinths etc.)  These pieces are constructed by assembling modules, which the artist – ever sensitive to the suggestions of nature and to the nature of materials - fills with that magical, mystical, oracular content which belong to his vision of the world: “find again that mythical time, that non-time where there are myths, rites, art”.

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