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Gregorio Botta

ciņ che resta (the remains)

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29 May - 24 July 2015

mostra_piano_superiore.jpg mostra_piano_inferiore.jpg

Water, glass, wax, iron, lead… noise, word, light. These are the elements making up the exhibition that Gregorio Botta has devised for Galleria Il Ponte. The lightness of rarefied structures suspends images and sounds in a dimension of undecipherable and impermanent poetry, defined and lost on the material.
Ciò che resta (The Remains) is what appears through the works that Botta composes, permeated by the memories of a suspended, unspoken, partially unexpressed song. The works mark a journey, they hint at it without delimiting it, they leave the visitors room to lose themselves in their own visions.
As a whole, Botta’s exhibition is a single, rarefied poetic image that upsets the defined space of the gallery. It is projected into a suspended dimension, where thoughts and feelings find unexpected and suffused spaces that appear to our mind’s eye.


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