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Gianni Dorigo


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12 May - 30 June 2001

Entitled Cinemascope and accompanied by a catalogue with a poem by  Vincenzo Mollica and two texts, one by Claudio Carabba and the other by Omar Calabrese, the exhibition showed thirty or so striking works from the last three years. They are painted collages made using colour and black-and-white photocopies of cinema posters (dating from the 1950s onwards, from Italy and abroad). They are taken apart and put back together before being worked on by the artist using oils, tempera, enamels, … The outcome is works of various formats: from very large canvases to a series of smaller works, both on canvas and on paper, all created using “very mixed” techniques (as the artist comments, smiling).
Dorigo takes the single posters apart and puts the various fragments back together freely, letting himself get carried away with the endless possible combinations that his imagination suggests to him for each piece. However, he never betrays the point of departure, that is, the film that the poster belongs to. Yes, it is a game, but a serious one: the artist re-tells us a famous story in a new, unprecedented way, exploiting its other potentials and, so to say, expanding its narrative space. The written word that crosses the surface of the painting does not purely serve as a caption, since, despite providing all the useful indications concerning the film such as the director, title, staging, etc, it is illegible. Using these original graphics, the artist intends to underline his fidelity to the topic while making this very personal re-classification of the cinema. Nevertheless, he does not pander to the iconography to exploit its popularity. He has indeed always concentrated on the contemporary icons that belong to the collective imagination, drawing cues for reflection from them; but in this case what we see is his love for the cinema above all. Dorigo wanted to give his personal and enthusiastic homage to film using his tools, combining Informel gestures, New Dada contaminations and allusions to Pop Art in his work.

Gianni Dorigo was born in Ferrara on 30 September 1953. Since 1968 he has lived in Florence, where he held his first solo exhibition in 1973 (Studio Inquadrature 33). 

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