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Davide Mosconi


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17 January - 13 March 2015

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The exhibition devoted to Davide Mosconi, musician by training, advertising photographer and designer, covers his photographic work from the 1960s on. Isabelle Dufresne from 1965, the eye between the buttocks of Surrealism and Pop; Autoritratto from 1968, in the form of an advert in “Il Corriere della Sera”, the self-portrait of Mosconi photographer, smiling and elegant, as he brings the avant-garde to the trade; the light boxes, from 1968, with almost the whole series on display: black and white images containing colour slides, mounted on back-lit crates.

Also on display is In morte del padre (On the Father’s Death) from 1984/85, an imposing work made from oversize polaroids (51x61 cm each) comprising five triptychs based on the coincidence between an image taken from a book, a photograph by someone else, and a shot of his own. Using the same composition and structure, he developed a series of works on the body, of which the Ombelichi (Belly Buttons) and Corpi decorati (Decorated Bodies) from the end of the 1980s are on show. The exhibition continues with the Drawing Air series from 1995/96, where objects thrown into the air and captured by the camera lens draw the skies, playing on the random coincidences that we also find in Polveri (Dusts), from 1998-99: glowing gold, silver and precious stones photographed suspended, as if in a starry sky. The last series is the Autoritratti bucati (Pierced Self-Portraits) from 2000, made not so much by portraying himself, but removing himself, the image and photographic medium challenged by destruction.

Of this complex, multi-faceted artist, who used many different media and means of expression, the gallery also presents Sezione aurea (Golden Section), which Davide Mosconi came up with in 1971 and completed in 2000 after a long process of elaboration (published this year in Doha by Alga Marghen, thanks to Emanuele Carcano and Gabriele Bonomo). Again based on coincidences, it consists of six virgin vinyl records, without any recorded sound, whose surface is marked with algebraic lines with different-sized dots. The records are to be played together on six different decks, but as it is impossible to play them at the same time, it makes every listening unique and unrepeatable.

On occasion of the exhibition is presented the book: Elio Grazioli, Davide Mosconi: fotografia, musica e design, Edizioni Tip.Le.Co., Milano 2014

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