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meetings with writers


Enzo Fileno Carabba - 7 November

Sandro Veronesi - 28 November

Pietro Grossi - 15 December


On the occasion of Cantico, the exhibition by sculptor Giuseppe Spagnulo inaugurated on 28 October and concluded on 20 January 2007, Galleria Il Ponte in Florence hosted three meetings with writers - Enzo Fileno Carabba, Sandro Veronesi and Pietro Grossi - who gave readings and comments on works by authors of significance in their creative careers.
Inspired by the stimulating references in the powerful physical work by Spagnulo on the topic of writing, this series of meetings organised by Silvia Lucchesi opened the Florentine gallery’s activities onto the world of literature by local authors for the first time. The result was an exchange between artists where they could compare research, languages and personal and original tools of expression. 


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