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ARTE FIERA Bologna 2010

Hall 18 C41 B44

28 - 31 January 2010


Ellisse, 2008, acciaio corten cm h 195x252x48.jpg
Copricorpo II, 2005 - 2008, stampa lambda su alluminio cm 98x150.jpg

This year the themed exhibition is devoted to Louise Nevelson. On display is a selection of her works already presented in the Louise Nevelson. Collages show in the gallery in 2009. The artist herself defined them as collages, but in fact they are assemblages of different materials on panels. Forming authentic bas-reliefs, they underline the importance of the frontal vision characteristic of Nevelson’s sculptural work. Three sculptures by the artist are also on display alongside this to date unseen group of works.

The main theme of the stand is the works’ sculptural nature, since the wall pieces also feature a spatial disposition. In opposition to the area set aside for Louise Nevelson is the space displaying works by Enrico Castellani, Jannis Kounellis, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Renato Ranaldi, Paolo Scheggi, Giuseppe Spagnulo and Mauro Staccioli. Luoghi d’esperienza, an exhibition comprising large environmental works by the latter artist, alongside whom the gallery has worked for years, will be on view in Volterra for the whole of 2010.

Alongside these artists, whose names have now gone down in history, a none-the-less important space is set aside for the young artist Zoè Gruni containing the photos from the Metato (2004–2008) series. In these works she is portrayed wearing her Copricapo and Copricorpo (head and body wear, previously sculptures) made of jute sacks – a coarse, smelly material, difficult to work by hand, encompassing signs of a nomadic life and promiscuous habits, passed as it is from hand to hand in sea ports and railway stations. In addition, there is a showing of the digital video Metacorpo 2009 (colour, sound, duration 2’58”), where animal-like physicality and the human body interweave and seem to share a common memory and destiny.

Works by the following artists are available upon request:
Claudio Abate, Valerio Adami, Arman, Gianfranco Baruchello, Enrico Baj, Mauro Betti, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Arturo Carmassi, Mario Ceroli, Giuseppe Chiari, Antonio Corpora, Stefano Cossu, Tano Festa, Bruno Gambone, Raymond Hains, David Hockney, Allen Jacquet, Joseph Kosuth, Luigi Mainolfi, Sebastian Matta, Mario Merz, Aldo Mondino, Giulia Napoleone, A. R. Penck, Peter Philips, Roberto Pietrosanti, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mimmo Paladino, Gerhard Richter, Mimmo Roselli, Mimmo Rotella, Emilio Scanalino, Mario Schifano, Daniel Spoerri, Salvo, Jean Tinguely, Joe Tilson, Ben Vautier, Alberto Zorzi.

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