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Aleksandra Zurczak - Francesco Chiacchio

il segno come racconto

curated by


19 April - 20 July 2013


in partnership with
Galleria Tornabuoni, Firenze

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Opening Friday 19th April, h. 18,30

Galleria il Ponte presents the work of two young artists in their thirties: Aleksandra Zurczak and Francesco Chiacchio, through a selection of their works joined by the common thread of tales told through signs. Both work on paper, fundamentally using black and white, and both are linked by their passion for ‘illustrated’ books. The verb ‘to illustrate’ may seem belittling, but it pinpoints the need to tell stories through images which do not represent but make reference, recollection, allusion,… far from the hubbub of contemporary life and beyond.

In the strong etchings created by Aleksandra Zurczak’s willow charcoal, dense and intricate skeins organise themselves to define shapes that recollect natural elements. Their appearance almost contrasts and counterpoises the density of a material whose signs go beyond the two dimensions to at times find space in sculptural forms as external elements interacting with the surface.

Francesco Chiacchio’s ‘characters’ are outlined in the images that take shape and stand out against backgrounds of recycled papers, retrieved from a previous existence. Linked to rhythm: music, movement, sound. Large black silhouettes surface, marked by clots of oil pastel, as if emerging from the nostalgia of a distant past.

Aleksandra Zurczak was born in Konin in 1983 (Poland). Polish artist working in graphics, sculpture, drawing, painting and forms of original installations which bring us into the another world and asking about the true dimension of freedom. In 2007 she received a diploma in graphic arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland), and in the same year she served a three-month internship at Tenessee University at Knoxville (USA) where she practiced graphics and painting. In the following year she won a one-month scholarship in Hungary in cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and in 2009 she went to Italy for a two-year postgraduate study of painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, city where she currently lives. Concerning the individual exhibitions in Italy and abroad we point out  Passage, Il Ponte Gallery, Florence (2010); Bastion  Lamelli Gallery, Cracow (2009); There was a mountain, MAMU Gallery, Budapest (2008); Centre of gravity, Enter Gallery, Poznan (2007); Community?, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville – USA (2006). Concerning the collective ones: The sign as a story, Il Ponte Gallery, Florence (2013); News from nowhere, Srisa Project Space, Florence (2012); Centre of gravity, Centre of Contemporary Art Pecci, Prato (2010); Community?, V Biennial Exhibition Graphic, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan (2007).

Francesco Chiacchio was born in Fiesole in 1981. He lives and works in Florence. His works ranges from collage to drawing.
He illustrated books - we point out Germinal, by Emile Zola, Eli Readers (2013); Rimosauri, by Chicco Gallus, Motta Junior (2011); Dall'Atlante agli Appennini, by Marta Attanasio, Orecchio Acerbo (2008); 90 secondi all'inferno - storie jazz, by Massimo Basile, Gianluca Monastra, Vanni Editore (2007) - records and he drawed short comics.
From 2010 to 2012 he illustrated the cultural pages of the national newspaper La Repubblica.
In 2009 he realized the works for the multimedia project X, Suite for Malcom, composed by the saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti for his Tinissima Quartet, performed in Europe and in the United States. Concerning the multimedia installations, we point out the work for the live projections in collaborations with Valentino Griscioli and Antonio Vanni for Monk'n'roll, composed by Francesco Bearzatti for Tinissima Quartet.
Concerning the exhibitions, we point out his presence at the fair of modern and contemporary art Armory Show in New York (2013); The sign as a story, Il Ponte Gallery, Florence (2013); Suite for Malcom, Palazzo Martinengo, Sondrio (2011); Suite for Malcom, Auditorium Music Park, Rome, and Futuro Anteriore, Castel Sant'Elmo, Napoli (2010).

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