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Aleksandra Zurczak


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26 September - 24 October 2014

GENESI4_ridotto.jpg CHOICE3_ridotto.jpg

Galleria Il Ponte, after the summer break, is presenting Genesi (Genesis), the exhibition by Aleksandra Zurczak. On display in the lounge space are a series of works on paper, drawings with a dense mesh of pen and pencil signs, and a group of small chalk and graphite semi-spherical sculptures made in 2014. Through these two modes of expression, the artist compares two forces: the dynamic of change and the safety of stability.

The artist adds: “The works in the Genesi exhibition speak of a renaissance. An inner rebirth that transforms on the outside. Where does it come from? From the dark… the black… prison. Because only in a condition of absolute privation do we become conscious of our need for everything. The real world teaches us that rest, the easy life without duties or responsibilities, makes us happy. Is it perhaps not the fall that makes us recall why? Is it perhaps not the difficulties and dark moments that change us?
When there is no moon in the sky, it’s scary. Darkness is scary. But the darker the sky, the clearer the stars…” 


On occasion of the exhibition, there will be a presentation of a small monograph on the artist introduced by a text by Laura Vecere recalling the fundamental moments of her work from 2009 to date, published by Edizioni Il Ponte.

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