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Alberto Zorzi

sculture preziose

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3 December 2005 - 14 January 2006

Zorzi_002.jpg Zorzi_004.jpg

Sculture preziose [Precious Sculptures] presents the jewellery and design projects of Alberto Zorzi. Here, this sculptor of the microcosm presents his work as a jewellery artist: curious creations with a particularly inventive slant, sculptural forms made to be worn. The thirty works presented here are pieces of sculpture-jewellery in which layers of metals worked in many different ways are juxtaposed with volumes constructed from solid geometrical forms: brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made between 1981 and 2004.
The metals and the stones Zorzi uses – engraved, graffiato and satin-finished gold and silver, quartz, malachite, onyx, agate, and rock crystal cut in the most bizarre ways – are articulated in shapes which are concave and convex, forming curves and hollows, contrasts of light and dark, sometimes also with the chromatic and pictorial effects of enamels.
At the end of the show there are some design projects displayed which illustrate the complexity of both the conceptual process involved and of the execution of the pieces of jewellery.

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